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The foremost English Mastiff organization in the area through positive public education, on-going exemplary breed representation, and our willingness to help the newcomer without prejudice.


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Welcome to the Cascade English Mastiff Club, located in the Northwest United States.

The membership of the Cascade English Mastiff Club (CEMC) is dedicated to promoting the standard of the English Mastiff breed, advancing the objectives and integrity of the Club, protecting the interests of the breed and individual dogs, and promoting quality and integrity in breeding programs. This club is for the select serious Mastiff breeders and fanciers. Our goals is for the betterment of our breed while bringing people together with common interests.

Our CEMC Code of Conduct was established to further the objectives of the Club. CEMC members recognize, that as individuals, our practices of ownership, breeding, sportsmanship, and ethics, directly affect the welfare of the breed.  We realize that no code will ever cover every behavior necessary to protect the breed.  Therefore, we acknowledge our actions are the truest reflection of our personal integrity and ethics, and our commitment to the breed.

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